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Meadow Burke MB BRACE BOLT

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MB Brace Bolt safely and economically secures tilt-up braces to the slab without the inconvenience or uncertainty of cast-in-place inserts or expansion bolts. Pullout strength is equivalent to a cast-in-place insert without the problems of locating inserts and adjusting braces while the crane and crew wait. Convenience combines with economy in this reusable system. Nothing is left in the slab or wasted. When bracing is no longer needed, simply disengage the brace and remove bolt. The MB Brace Bolt can be used multiple times as long as the bolt continues to tighten up to the brace shoe but never more than 5 uses. Quality materials guarantee strength and durability.

1. Mark anchor location and drill a 20mm diameter straight hole at least 10” deep. Clean as much from the hole as possible by periodically lifting bit while drilling. The added depth is required to accommodate dust from drilling and thread cutting.
2. Turn bolt into the concrete to within 1” of the surface using a large 3/4” impact wrench with a 30mm socket.
3. Slide the Brace Shoe onto the bolt and continue tightening.

1. If it is necessary to remove the bolt and re-install it, hand thread the bolt to start it in the original threads. This way new threads will not be cut through the original ones.
2. The Brace Bolt does not rely on expansion or displacement to generate its strength and is, there fore, not dependent on torque applied during installation to set it. Once it is tight, it is set.
3. It is not necessary to re-tighten the bolt after high winds unless it is visibly loose.
4. The use of excessively worn or undersized drill bits may prevent the bolt from threading.
5. The use of oversized drill bits may result in incomplete threading and premature failure.
6. The use of under-powered drills +/or impact wrenches may slow or prevent proper installation.